The Association was formed in 1989 for all serving and retired Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Weapons Mechanics, known lovingly as ‘Bombheads’.

FAA Armourers Association Badge

‘Bombhead’ is an affectionate term for any member of the ‘old’ Naval Air Mechanic (Ordnance) Branch, (and reincarnations since 1970-ish), populated by big, strong Ugh men who seemed capable of bombing-up an aircraft by hand. They specialise in aircraft armament, ordnance  (explosive) items, including ejection seats.

Tugg's Bombhead
‘The Bombhead’ Reproduced from Jackspeak, By Surgeon Commander Rick Jolly and Tugg

In addition to the annual reunion, a most informative and amusing, nay at times hilarious, newsletter, the 4 x 2, is published on a regular basis by our Secretary in deepest darkest Cornwall. There are new people joining every year and we have members occupying outposts in Canada, Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, the Forest of Dean and Scotland.

Armourers Badges

If you wore any of the above badges you are entitled to join the Association. For formal membership and annual fees of the association please contact the secretary Mick Timpson.

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Pressed into service
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